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Patient-centered, holistic, innovative



The art of medicine captured Dr. Ceili's heart at a young age in the form of osteopathic care. She found a love for physical and sports medicine, spurred on by her own athletic achievements in swimming and rowing. She has been a patient very frequently over the course of her life, which has helped form her into the physician she wished she had.
Over the course of her Naturopathic Medical career at NUNM, she continued to expand her interests to include women's health, psych, and gut health. Dr. Ceili is a patient-oriented provider, centering lifestyle and nutrition in her primary practice. Having a strong background in the medical field for well over a decade allowed her insights into ways to improve patient compliance and satisfaction.
Dr. Ceili is currently expanding her interests in regenerative orthopedics, specifically in the realm of PRP. Her training will continue through 2023, with plans of offering new forms of care soon. Stay tuned!

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